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History of IWC

  HISTORY OF INNER WHEEL CLUB Mrs. Oliver Golding (nee Margarette Golding) in 1923 took the first step to form an organization called the Inner Wheel, which today is considered as one of the largest organizations of women in the world. The objects of the Club are to promote friendship, to encourage ideals of personal service and to foster international understanding. Of Welsh origin, a trained nurse, Margarette Golding served as such during the First World War. It may well be that her years of service in the nursing profession triggered off a deep desire to help all ailing and the deprived in the community. Inner Wheel was officially founded in January 1924 by  Margarette Golding , who had met with 26 other women with similar enthusiasm in the service of the deprived. The first meeting was held on 10 January 1924. This date is now known as ‘International Inner Wheel Day’. Within less than a year the membership had doubled and many successful projects had been undertaken. With the