घर में ही रहना


कल फ़ोन पर आई मेरी बाई

बात उसकी सुन मेरी आँखें भर आई

बोलीनाजोंसे पली तुम भाभी कैसे करती हो घरका काम?

मैं कोशिश करती हूँआती हूँ घर पर आज शाम!!


कितना करती वह मेरा ख़याल 

पा कर उसे मैं हो गई निहाल..


मैं बोलीबाहर मत निकलना तुम

घरमें ही रहनामेरी बात तू सुन..

बच्चों के साथ तूभी छुट्टियां मनाले

बेटी-बेटों के साथ मौज मनाले..


मेरी चिंता तुझे काहे सताती?

कोई तकलीफ़ नहींमैं तुम्हें बताती


घरकी सफ़ाई जब मैं करती,

कसरत अपने आप हो जाती,

अब जिम की याद मुझे नहीं आती,

मेरी फ़िकर तू क्यों है करती?


दूध मलाई वाला हाथ मुँह पे मलती,

फिर सो की steam उसी मुँह पर लेती,

Facial ऐसे मैं घर पर ही करती

फिर मेरी चिंता तुझे क्यों सताती?


            तू आई तबसे खाना पकाना भूल गई थी,

आज मैं कुकींगमें expert कहेलाती


जब ये पाबंदी हट जायेगी

और तू मेरे घर आयेगी,

मैं कहूँगीबैठ तू आज मैं तुझे खिलाती,

कहती हूँ तुझसेफिर मेरी फ़िकर तू काहे करती!!!

घर में ही रहनासमज ले तेरी भी छुट्टीयाँ चलती!!!


Harsha Mehta 1-5-2020

IWC Bombay Airport


  1. A poem to highlight the precious relationship that we share with our househelp.

    1. Recognition of our house help, touches the heart. They also deserve safe living. Doing the mundane house chores in true spirit and all positivity, sends "be happy" vibes!!! Enjoyed reading!!!

    2. It's a heart touching composition. It's a relationship which is often not recognised but is priceless.

  2. Actually, apart from honing our cooking and other domestic skills, the Pandemic has taught us to value contributions, help and support from our home helpers … whom we sometimes took for granted…..


  3. Very well penned Poetess Harsha .👌🏼

  4. Harsha,you have penned the importance of our house helps with such sensitivity 👌👌👌Keep writing ✍

  5. its full of emotions and reality. suddenly, we value someone who was routine in our life. while doing the house chores, instead of feeling stressed, you have taken it very boldly and convinced yourselves with facts of life. hope, we all have "value considerations" for our staff because of whom we are "happy".

  6. It’s the value of another person one realises in such tough times which otherwise were never noticed. Harsha you have expressed so well.


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