Inner Wheel Club of Bombay celebrates Diamond Jubilee


‘Until you dare to take on new challenges, your full potential cannot be discovered.

On 2nd March 2023 Inner Wheel Club of Bombay celebrated completion of 60 years. The joyous occasion took place at Imperial Tower Banquet in presence of 126 attendees that included the District dignitaries, 56 Club members, Zonal Coordinators, Club Presidents, spouses and invitees.

The Golden History:

On 1st July 1963 Inner Wheel Club of Bombay was formed with Soona Balsara as the founder President.

The Charter was presented on 13th April 1964.

It has many firsts to its credit:

First Club to be set up in Maharashtra

First District Chairman, Purviz Banaji (District 315)

First District Chairman, Silla Ardeshir (District 314 – after bifurcation)

First Association President, Raksha Mehta

First CCC Chairman of the Association Triennial Conference, Silla Ardeshir

First Club in District 314 to start with a Micro Finance Scheme

First Trust of IW clubs in India – Inner Wheel Club of Bombay Charity Trust

Fellowship and Friendship, being the objectives of Inner Wheel, the first one to host an Inter Club Social annually, which today has taken the shape of Zonal Fellowships.

It is the first Club and only one that has given 11 Chairmen to the District.

To Silla Ardeshir goes the credit of composing our Inner Wheel Prayer, which is today recited by all the Clubs in India. 

Raksha Mehta is the first President of the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India and Sri Lanka, and also the first Inner Wheel member in the District to be felicitated with the Margarette Golding Award, the highest award in International Inner Wheel.


A video presentation showcasing scores of projects undertaken by the Club in varied fields during the past 60 years was shown, which was followed by a Power Point presentation that enumerated landmark projects to be undertaken by the Club for the 60th Diamond Anniversary.

President Neela Parikh extended her gratitude to all the members, past and present, who have contributed selflessly and relentlessly to the Club, that enabled it to scale glorious heights!




  1. Proud moment for all the members

  2. The presentation showing the work of last sixty years, was an Inspiration for all. March forward steadily building a rich legacy defines Inner Wheel Club of Bombay.

  3. Well compiled blog-
    For me, it’s an ‘honour ‘, to belong to this illustrious Inner Wheel Club of Bombay…
    Zainab Lokhandwalla

  4. What a wonderful event!!! Showcased the glorious 60 years of this very prestigious and wonderful club of which we are so proud to be a part .

  5. It was an inspiring presentation. Every member has contributed towards the growth of this club and continues to do so. Wishing many more years of friendship and service. PDC Jyoti Doshi.


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