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  घर   में   ही   रहना   कल   फ़ोन   पर   आई   मेरी   बाई बात   उसकी   सुन   मेरी   आँखें   भर   आई बोली ,  नाजोंसे   पली   तुम   भाभी कैसे   करती   हो   घरका   काम ? मैं   कोशिश   करती   हूँ ,  आती   हूँ   घर   पर   आज   शाम !!   कितना   करती   वह   मेरा   ख़याल   पा   कर   उसे   मैं   हो   गई   निहाल ..   मैं   बोली ,  बाहर   मत   निकलना   तुम घरमें   ही   रहना ,  मेरी   बात   तू   सुन .. बच्चों   के   साथ   तूभी   छुट्टियां   मनाले बेटी - बेटों   के   साथ   मौज   मनाले ..   मेरी   चिंता   तुझे   काहे   सताती ? कोई   तकलीफ़   नहीं ,  मैं   तुम्हें   बताती   घरकी   सफ़ाई   जब   मैं   करती , कसरत   अपने   आप   हो   जाती , अब   जिम   की   याद   मुझे   नहीं   आती , मेरी   फ़िकर   तू   क्यों   है   करती ?   दूध मलाई   वाला   हाथ   मुँह   पे   मलती , फिर   र सो ई   की  steam  उसी   मुँह   पर   लेती , Facial  ऐसे   मैं   घर   पर   ही   करती ,  फिर   मेरी   चिंता   तुझे   क्यों   सताती ?                         तू आई   तबसे   खाना   प
  THE WEST ZONE MEET HOSTED BY  INNER WHEEL DISTRICT 314 On 28th and 29th August 2021, District 314 hosted the West Zone Meet. The West Zone comprises seven districts which are part of the Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in India. A warm welcome was extended to Association President Saroj Katiyar by District Chairman Sunita Jain, District Executive Committee, Zonal Coordinators and Presidents of District 314. The event started with the inauguration of a shopping arcade by Association President Saroj Katiyar. A flash mob dance performed by members of Inner Wheel District 314 surprised and delighted the attendees. Mentalist Dr. Kruti Parekh mesmerised audience by her performance. The Flag March was officiated by Association President Saroj Katiyar, in the presence of Convenor PAP Rakshaben Mehta, Co-Convenor PDC Dr. Jyoti Doshi, Co-ordinator PDC Dr. Devangi Vakharia, Association Vice-President Dr. Surjit Kaur, IPAP Vasudha Chandrachud, Association Secretary Anuradha Chandak, Association


  I DISCOVERED MY STRENGTH DURING THE PANDEMIC   I woke up one day, and the whole world had become silent. There were moans of fear, silent screams of anguish and dark despair of death. The deafening silences the uneasy calm, harbinger of the oncoming, relentless unsympathetic storm of pestilence and disease.   I was numb. But as we all do, slowly I started to pick up the pieces of the life of a new normal. I looked around and a question rose – what would happen if the grime reaper were to take me today?   Being an economic dependent, my exit will cause no economic ripples. But am I not integral to the home and hearth? Suddenly the truth dawned – what I do is not irreplaceable but what I am is. And then began my real journey, my sojourn to discover, who and what am I, in complete and absolute terms.   Each action and thought became an internal case study. Are these arising from a desire to please? Please whom? Are these arising from a place of anxiety? Anxious for what?