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Brand Innerwheel ! Edit I

                  Namaste 🙏                      Brand Innerwheel is emerging as a shining star-a Dhumketu on the horizon of   Galaxy of Brands ! Among most Brands, be it APPLE or most recognisable Brand COCA-COLA or most trusted Brand TATA, Brand INNERWHEEL slowly and steadily is emerging as dark horse and emerging on the Digital horizon as most Socially Conscious Valued Trusted brand! The New Age spenders/buyers/consumers the young Turks to CEOs the Unicorn entrepreneurs with worth over a billion dollars, are becoming more socially responsible and WHEEL of INNERWHEEL is gathering momentum ,visibility, symbolizing   as most dependable service oriented women’s organisation worldwide! The IW  Wheel & Objectives namely ,Promoting true Friendship ,Encouraging the ideals of personal service and Fostering International understanding have emerged as the face of Innerwheel worldwide ! In the Centenary IW year,under the able leadership of DC Pallavi Choksi the Brand identificatio