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Inner wheel Women:Empowered Women !

नारी तेरे कितने रूप?            जननी, सुता, भगिनी, भार्या, माँ अम्बे का रूप, सबको तुमने जना है चाहे राजा, रंक या भूप,                 तेरे प्यार की छाया में ही पाया सबने रूप, जो भी दिखता है इस सृष्टि में सब है तेरा ! नमस्ते! Inner wheel women is an Empowered woman,a Star in her own Universe, keeps shining, keeps smiling, illuminating the sky around her ! Shine A Light ! There are two ways of spreading light , to be the candle or to be a mirror that reflects light !Women is like a SuperNova, Dhumketu , a trail blazer who excels in multi-tasking, multi-loving, multi-serving the list is endless !  ‘Keep shining beautiful one, the world needs your light’ ‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’ the theme for International  Women’s day 2024 says a lot, 8 th March being symbolic day world over, but every day is women’s day !  Women is indeed SIP for lifetime- Systematic Investment Plan from womb to tomb ! Try nurturing them from womb and see the returns you will get ! Women is a full circle