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Prize winner for the water colour painting competition on PEACE

  IN THE WAKE OF THE AFGHAN CRISIS- My take on peace. Fly Little peace dove Fly high I see you have dropped your olive branch And also your feathers That are floating by! How morbidly the shackles Of a regime Are affecting you The war zone The innocent victims The distraught children and women The futility of bloodshed The angst of hatred Destruction at its fore In a region that cannot call Its own their very own! Fly little peace dove Break away And fly high All eyes are upon you All hearts can hear your cry Fly little peace dove Break away And fly high! CA Nayana Karnik Das Treasurer IWC of Deonar

Hearty congratulations to the winners of ISO Mehndi Competition

1st prize Sukhi Koparkar, IWC of Thane West 2nd Prize Manmeet Kaur, IWC of New Bombay 3rd Prize Seema Khurana, IWC of New Bombay Seaside Special mention: Beejal Desai, IWC of Borivli