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Stree Shakti - A poem by Zainab Lokhandwala

    Stree Shakti Nursing her child, writhing in pain so deep From dawn to next dawn, there’s no time to sleep Check out the universe, you’ll find no other The ‘endower’ of life, she is a MOTHER .   He is our martyr, TV news blared aloud “Jai Hind” she says, showing she’s proud Hiding her grief, worries and sorrow Knowing they will fill up all her morrows… She was the ‘pillar’ of man’s life This valiant woman was his WIFE .   Washing clothes, cooking, mopping floors Wait, that’s not all, there’s even more Collecting harvest, putting grain in stores “Beti, fetch bhaiya, he’s playing outdoors” Sometimes by some, sadly considered a bother Little do they know… ‘Blessed is a home, if it has a DAUGHTER .   She knows when he’s happy, and also when there’s something wrong “My best friend is by my side”, he declares with aplomb Joyous times, fun times, or in times sinister Always by your side, yes she’s a SISTER .   All her varied roles, clos