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  NATIONAL MEDICAL AWARENESS SEMINAR – 1, held on 19 th July 2022     ON ZOOM IT WAS WATCHED BY 500 MEMBERS + 180 WATCHED ON YouTube   Pandemic has brought about many lifestyle changes in our way of living. The main change required was emphasis on physical health. It was noted that the silent killers like diabetes, hypertension, heart attacks, were not so silent and affected younger people. Mental issues of health were rampant, particularly amongst the younger generation. The profile of various diseases had changed. District Chairman Mrs. Mita Sheth envisaged medical seminars to address and inform the change in medical dynamics after Covid.   “Inner Wheel is a service organization. We need to empower our own members, and in turn, they can empower the society” said IIWPP Dr. Pallavi Shah, the Project Chairman, while introducing the two eminent speakers of the seminar. Health is wealth, and being healthy depends entirely upon each individual. Chairman of the Association of I

Inner Wheel Forest

    Inner Wheel Forest – The Holy Initiation in Inner Wheel Presidentship The alarm rang at 3 am. It rang so many times for so many reasons at various points in time in my life, like everyone. For catching a flight or a train. For waking up the children for their school and examinations. For medical purposes. For getting up to go to the office. But this was for a different occasion.   It was the first day of my Presidentship at the Inner Wheel Club of Navi Mumbai Sunrise. I would have to get ready to go to the Inner Wheel Forest in the Kandivali area in Mumbai. I looked out of the window. It was still dark outside. I was relieved to see that the rain that had been lashing the city for the last few days had stopped. There was almost absolute silence and stillness all around. It was the perfect time to feel the same stillness and calm within you.   While getting ready, I thought, what could be a better time to start this day in my association with Inner Wheel? It was a little