Inner wheel Women:Empowered Women !

नारी तेरे कितने रूप?
           जननी, सुता, भगिनी, भार्या, माँ अम्बे का रूप, सबको तुमने जना है चाहे राजा, रंक या भूप,                 तेरे प्यार की छाया में ही पाया सबने रूप, जो भी दिखता है इस सृष्टि में सब है तेरा !
Inner wheel women is an Empowered woman,a Star in her own Universe, keeps shining, keeps smiling, illuminating the sky around her !
Shine A Light ! There are two ways of spreading light , to be the candle or to be a mirror that reflects light !Women is like a SuperNova, Dhumketu , a trail blazer who excels in multi-tasking, multi-loving, multi-serving the list is endless ! ‘Keep shining beautiful one, the world needs your light’
‘Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress’ the theme for International  Women’s day 2024
says a lot, 8th March being symbolic day world over, but every day is women’s day !  Women is indeed SIP for lifetime- Systematic Investment Plan from womb to tomb ! Try nurturing them from womb and see the returns you will get ! Women is a full circle ,within her is the power to create, nurture and transform ! she is the  fulcrum around which the entire house to society revolves, a healthy  and happy women can be fountain of joy,blessings for the family and a powerful influencer to the next generation, innovator of ideas , can lead any and everything if she chooses to be !  
Friends do not confuse women empowerment with women liberation or feminism, women were born free, it’s the shackles of society which had toned down her enthusiasm, we walk together hand in hand ,shoulder to shoulder with men with full acknowledgement of our responsibilities as female species and expect recognition of our true worth and given opportunities without bias of gender in-equality!
The best makeup we wear is our Smile ,and the best dress we wear is our Confidence,We wear it with Courage and Conviction, as life throws many darts at all of us, lets make’ Impossible into I M Possible, I M responsible!’ Its time to rise,time to join Hands and heal ourselves to heal the world !        
 At Inner wheel you have found new platform, new friend, new purpose, grab the opportunity to serve and in turn be served !Stay Healthy, Stay Safe ! We have arrived !



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