Celebrating Centenary InnerWheel yr 2023-24

Namaste !

As We celebrate Innerwheel Centenary Year of Invisible Goodness, At the dawn of a New Realm, a Century of hope has begun!

Saluting the  past, Recalling the baby step beginnings that stood test of time, we feel blessed, as we celebrate today 100 shades of Love, Compassion, Service & Friendship, @ 100 one has  matured like wine !

From 10th January 1924 Margaret Golding @ Manchester has created legacy and till day,carrying forward is the  current IIW President Trish Doughla’s call to’ Shine a Light’ and closer to home, our Centenary DC Pallavi Choksi of IW Dist 314, geared to churn out ‘Panchamrut’ while dedicating this Centenary IW year  to five elements- Seva, Sanskriti ,Shiksha, Suraksha and Samarpan !                     

With pride, passion and fun all across in an ambience of Godliness, Lets vow for another century to celebrate, with Safety, Agility, Care, Respect, Ethics, Diligence, Love and Compassion with inclusivity ! We promise to go green with stake holders all around. If there was Olympic Medal bestowed for 100 years of legendary Selfless Service with kindness and Strength, rising like a sphinx, who better than Innerwheel !Our development is not an individual one but global – ‘sarve bhavantu sukhin’ Lets together heal the world !

Lets together pray ‘Hey bidhata, dao dao, moder gaurab dao’ [Oh God! Let Glory be bestowed on us]- Rabindranath Tagore

PP Priti Doshi                                                                                                                                    IWC Bombay Airport                                                                                                                                IW Dist 314


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