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With the objectives of developing a scientific bent of mind in children and to enable them to understand the application of Science and Technology in day-to-day life,   Inner Wheel Club of Ambernath conducted an Inter School Science Exhibition / Competition on the 8th and 9th of September . The topics given to them were as follows : 

1.Making Lifestyle Changes For a sustainable Development 

2.Technological transformation and digital development. 

3. Pollution control- air, land and water. 

The aim being to encourage development and innovation in children.

It was a mammoth response  with 30 schools participating from Ambernath and in and around Ambarnath. Apt to the topics and taking the rules and regulations into consideration, the students had set up their tables and displayed their projects meticulously and presented them so confidently to the judges who were amazed and found it very difficult to judge the best three displays.

Our Special Guest District Vice Chairman Prerna Raichur was wonder struck and expressed,

“I want to express my heartfelt appreciation for the outstanging science fair organized by IWC Ambernath. "I am Kalam, I am Kalpana" is an initiative aimed at igniting interest in science amongst students. Attending the science fair was truly a delightful experience for me. I was impressed to learn the incredible ideas and innovations showcased by the young minds.

The effort and dedication put in by these students guided by their teachers was evident in the 45+ exhibits on display. It was inspiring to see a wide array of topics explored, ranging from hydroponics and robots to nuclear power generation, all of which were beyond the confines of their school curriculum. This not only reflects the students' enthusiasm for learning but also their willingness to delve into new and challenging areas of science. I commend the organizers, especially CC Preeta Bipin and President Dimple Shah, for the remarkable efforts in arranging this science fair. Providing such a platform for students to showcase their talents is invaluable. Such events not only nurture creativity and curiosity but also encourages students to pursue their interests in science and technology.

Once again, kudos to everyone involved in making this science fair a resounding success. I am confident that such initiatives by Inner Wheel Clubs will continue to inspire and shape the future scientists and innovators of our society.”

IWC Ambarnath has yet again set a benchmark in organizing projects for schools in this area!

The project got wide media coverage.

Blogger: PP Rita Som


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