PANKH - Ek udaan Ek ehsaas ! IW Dist 314 Rally 2023


ले हौसलों के पंखचल उड़ने की तैयारी करते हैं!

जुडे रह कर जमीन सेआसमान कि हिस्सेदारी करते हैं!

Pankh-Rally 2023 -IW DIST 314 , another milestone, a grand show of bonding and commitment of  friendship, a true embodiment of cultural and social event, a celebration of life of service! Led by Centennial Dist Chairman Pallavi Choksi, efficiently conducted by Rally Chairman PDC Amala Mehta, ably supported by Dist Secretary Lakshmi Singh, hosted by Clubs of Zone 4, held on October 3, 2023 @ CIDCO Convention Center attended by more than 800 IW members, including 402 participating members.

Pankh gives udaan, hausla and flight, Rally strengthens bonds of friendship, gives flight to  hidden creative artistic talent of our members, an amalgamation of melodious Singing, Dance and Ramp Walk, leading to enthusiastic camaraderie and merriment !

Team work and hard work are the corner stones of any success ! Kudos to the six Zonal Coordinators  Zone 1 Camy Sanghvi, Zone 2 Namita Marwah, Zone 3 Bela Desai, Zone4 Shilpa Karia, Zone5 Sangeeta Kamdar, & Zone 6 Diptee Divadkar who put in tremendous effort to encourage all members to participate actively !

Graceful Dance performance by PDCs and DEC team was indeed awe inspiring!

The unique feature of ISO Competition was Innerwheel ‘Tray Garden' competition, cementing our commitment towards environment protection !

The best events are not just memorable, they are not just beautiful, they accomplish a goal and Rally Pankh –surely will leave a mark on calendar of Centennial Celebrations and linger in minds of members for years to come !

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Blog - PP Dr Priti Doshi- IWC Bombay Airport

Inputs by - Chairman Rally- PDC Amala Mehta & DS Laxmi Singh 


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